University Planning

Pursuing post-secondary education is exciting and a bit overwhelming. It is one of the most important decisions of your life. The university and college application process has changed over the years. The central application processing precludes any student from a direct application to the university or college. Universities and Colleges have a cornucopia of courses, majors, minors and co-op programs from which to choose.  The vast array of choice is daunting.

Arete Academic Solutions will help students make decisions which are right for them. As parents we plan and save to provide the opportunity for continued education for our children. Post-Secondary education is the next step to becoming independent adults.  Arete Academic Solutions provides guidance to students to make informed and educated choices.


  • Arete Academic Solutions will meet with each family at the outset to determine parameters, if any, to the student’s choice for post secondary education.
  • An Arete Academic Solutions representative will then meet with the student to determine or narrow the decision making path.
  • Once a student has determined their schools/programs of choice, he/she will run a meeting, supported by an Arete representative, with their parents to explain this choice.
  • The university or college application will be completed and submitted.
  • Arete Academic Solutions will provide support in preparing the supplementary applications if required.
  • Upon receipt of acceptances, Arete will support the student in their final decision making and presentation of this decision to their families.