What We Do

We help ALL students! By determining an individual’s strengths, we can help him or her to achieve better learning skills and self-esteem.

Educational Planning

Arete Academic Solutions was created to help students understand and navigate the complex post-secondary selection processes in Canada, the United States and abroad. Young people today face an overwhelming number of adult decisions; choices that will ultimately affect their educational and professional futures. In order to make informed decisions, adolescents and their parents require expert direction and support.

Arete Academic Solutions will support students in Grade 7-12, and their families, as they explore and pursue educational and professional opportunities available to them during and after secondary school. Arete Academic Solutions is a comprehensive educational consulting practice dedicated to assisting with course selection, study skills, scholarship applications, sports recruitment and post-secondary placement.

Arete Academic Solutions is a unique educational practice. We will not only advise, but also educate and encourage students, allowing them to explore their future in a safe and nurturing environment, resulting in an academic plan which we will help to implement. Our primary operating principles are focused on the belief that adolescents need to be supported during this crucial developmental period and our policies and procedures incorporate the latest adolescent brain research and psychology. The role of Arete Academic Solutions is to work with students by exploring, evaluating and constructing progressive action plans for the future, based on their individual strengths, values and interests. We assist with implementation and continual reevaluation of that plan.  We work to empower and energize our students, leading them towards their personal academic success.

In their past careers, our professional advisors have supported students to obtain acceptance to top-rated Canadian, International and Ivy League Universities. Equally as important, students have been supported to  gain admission to their dream colleges, professional, culinary and trade schools. Our advisors have chosen to join Arete Academic Solutions to continue this positive interaction.

We welcome all students and their families.


Educational Assessments

Every student has strengths and weaknesses.

Arete Academic Solutions supports individual development based upon defining the desired future and outcomes and identifying the road map to get there. This entails careful analysis of current status using multidimensional data and development of goals to maintain what is working and identify what needs improvement. In essence, development of an action plan using a variety of paths and strategies to achieve the desired goals. Implicit in the planning is a commitment to ongoing improvement.

Arete Academic Solutions will complete an educational assessment which can provide a greater understanding of academic performance and achievement.  We appreciate that each child develops at different rates and we consider this prior to any assessment.  The earlier a child’s learning style and needs are identified, the faster an effective plan can be developed. Arete Academic Solutions usually begins this process in Grade 2.  An educational assessment can also identify underlying issues, such as a learning disability, that may be preventing a student from achieving his or her academic potential. Similarly, a student who is excelling at school may require support and enrichment within the classroom.  In Ontario, an Educational Assessment is considered the best means of gaining an in depth understanding of a student’s learning style and better still, their potential to learn in future.  



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